Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Closeness: Preparation

I've decided to do a small series on the closeness of family, it seems everyone asks us how we find time to get out of the house as a family. Simply put, we don't find the time, we make it! Here are a few tips which help get us out of the house each week.

* Know your calendar and schedules.
* No excuses- stick to your chore chart.
* Get it done- errands.
* Meal Planning.
* Enjoy.

1. Look at the calendar and find a day or half a day your family is available. Mark it as unavailable. This is difficult in our household, with Jay in graduate school we are constantly reevaluating plans due to group projects. Discuss your plans for the day out and what you need to know about your outing.

2. Make a chore chart and focus on what tasks need to be done prior to leaving the house. (I deep clean bathrooms on Mondays, kitchen on Tuesdays, floors on Wednesdays, the bedrooms on Thursday, closets and utility on Friday, family room and laundry on Saturday. I take Sundays off.) Sticking to my chore chart and straightening up before I leave allows me to leave without the burden of knowing what I need to do when I get home and focus on our family.

3. Make a list of errands and be sure to complete them prior to your day out. Map out the locations in your head to save time and gas. Know what time the businesses open and close. If you plan on starting your errands at 9 but a store doesn't open until 10, you've wasted an hour and if you have little ones, that hour can be the difference in a lunch stop.

4. Plan your meals! Depending on your outing you may be able to bring your own food in, saving $15+ and being able to pack a healthier meal for your family. If you plan to be gone for the day have a meal defrosting from the freezer (I will post ideas later), utilize your crock pot or double a recipe the night before.

5. Enjoy your day out!


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