Thursday, May 13, 2010


As I sat at dinner last night with my daughters God father I mentioned that my MIL and I were reupholstering my kitchen chairs today. To which he replied, "Man, why is it when guys don't like each other they buy each other a beer?" Meaning why do women go through tons of effort to put appearances on?... Which was my thought but the things I do to keep peace when we see far from eye to eye on everything.... But here is the end result.


I picked the right screwdriver the first time around! May not be exciting to some but I've failed at assembling, "Easy to assemble" items in the past. Just remove your cushion and you are on your way...

Naked cushions. Use a flathead screwdriver or knife to loosen the old staples.

Fabric I picked out. Note: It's easier to use the old fabric as a pattern to save yourself time! Pull the fabric tightly at all edges and staple, a lot! Cover the bottom of each cushion in Muslin.

End result! Prettier chairs which match our table better. Normally, I would never go through this effort but I love our table and would like to keep it.

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