Sunday, May 2, 2010

Treasures and trash!

Part of my New Years Resolution was to "Reuse", garage sales are a great way to do this. I buy most of A's play clothes at garage sales. I wont pay 60 dollars (shoes-sweatshirts) for an outfit to ruin it at the park, a farm, pumpkin patch on a rainy day. I just wont. The other thing I wont buy new are toddler pants- A has a problem keeping pants on even with a belt.

I got a few "needed" items this week. I picked up some cute wooden serving bowls, it's not a complete set but we have none- so it's an improvement! I plan on using them for salads and homemade salad dressings. *Four years later and I get why people have bridal showers;)

I also picked up a jogging stroller, rain cover: It fits too... and clothes for A.

I had a garage sale this weekend! It was my first, it was a little slow because of the weather but we sold many big ticket and cluttering items. We'll have one more, and donate the unsold clothes to a womens shelter near by.

We sold a lot, especially 40 minutes before the sale started! A crazy woman claimed to have, "Just saw the sign, I didn't know if you were open yet." The time was bigger than the ADDY!?! Explain, how she missed that? I'm guessing she was a professional garage saler, which I don't care who bought what, just annoying. We didn't even have the sign up at the end of the driveway!

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